day 19.

I’ve started later than I wanted. It took me until the first day to finally finish my storyline. Day 3 I got to my first daily word count and then didn’t write again until day 9. Day 10 I finally started writing properly, hitting a decent word count most days. Yesterday (day 18) I wrote 3000 words of a difficult part of my story.

today’s day 19 and I’ve hit the half way spot. not on word count, I’m only on about 1/5th (22.58% to be exact) and I have 11 days to go to write the other too many words.

And instead of writing I’m on here trying very hard not to write.

what I’m talking about

my NaNoWriMo


back to writing!

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about writing

I always have something to say on the subject of writing. Wether it is character development or plots I always have an opinion. It would be boring otherwise.

I enjoy searching for the edges of what I can do around mental health subjects. I have written on schizophrenia, autism, depression and more. I also enjoy writing around the hobbies I have. For instance I have written fiction around magic tricks (maybe broke a few magic circle rules.

A particular quote on writing stays firmly in my mind.

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” 

― Stephen King

He is right. Without either of them you will fail as a writer. Writers find their own voice by copying others (again something he said in his book on writing, a very nice book if you’d ask me).

I’ll be adding blogposts on things you’ll encounter when you are writing your book or story.



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